Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Great Assembly part 1

Captain’s log stardate 203 er… 32.3 er… Oh. Its 20332.3.5. Hell, it is November 21, 2162.

I am still not familiar with the stardate system, a new system imposed by the Boleh Aeronautical & Space Agency a few days ago because they want to be different from other space agencies on earth.

I was asked by Admiral Abu to assemble a team and work with BASA to come with an exploration space ship that can travel faster than light. BASA was not happy when I ordered the warp 2 capable engine from Mitsubishi due to some historical event over 70 years ago. I did not give a damn because BASA gave me so little budget and that’s fastest that I could get. The BASA budget was so low until I have instruct the engineers to get some scrap alloy from the Waja junk yard to make the hull plating of the ship. For kevlar and graphite composite, we recycled the tennis racket rejects from Adidas.

For electronics and computer components, we had a great deal with Engtel. Engtel is the only Chinese company that can supply us with 100% Intel compatible processors, sub-processors and parts. For photonics, Cisico of China gave us a super saver for the the optical networks. For operating systems, we still have not decided whether we should use FreeBSD version 362, Windows XVI-P Space Edition or Mac OS XVI. So I have asked my engineer to get a few trial copies from Low Yat plaza. Let’s see what we can do tomorrow.

Ali out.


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